COVID-19 and Home Sweet Honey

We remain open during this pandemic (the bees don't stop their work for human problems).  However, you MAY experience delays in order fulfillment and shipping as we strive to comply with government mandates and to ensure our safety and the safety of others.  We are able to accommodate contactless order pick-up and delivery.  Please contact us with questions or for updates about your order at (612) 801-0191.  THANK YOU!

Snow Covered Trees




Local raw honey with an amazing flavor and exceptional health benefits.

Build your own

Holiday Tin!


A 15-acre piece of country where we've made our home. 


Located on the western edge of St. Francis, Home Sweet Honey and Honey Hill Farm welcome you to experience the joy of going back to the land...


Every Home Sweet Honey item is produced and prepared with high standards of quality, with the goal of making something delicious and healthy.



We believe in natural agricultural practices and in letting our animals express their natural tendencies.

We believe that the ethical treatment of animals produces healthy foods.


We are excited to offer our limited-time HOLIDAY TINS--you get to choose 9 jars of our delicious honey to customize your gift!

Home Sweet Honey is proud to offer free local delivery

within 5 miles of Elk River for orders of $25 and more,

along with FedEx shipping.


You can also always come to our farm to pick up your order!

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