Pasture-raised PIG - QUARTER (deposit)

Pasture-raised PIG - QUARTER (deposit)


The unit price is a non-refundable DEPOSIT on the pork.  Quarter pigs come as a 40 lb variety package of pork with PROCESSING AND DELIVERY INCLUDED!


The remaining balance is due to Home Sweet Honey at delivery and is calculated as the total cost of $300 - $150 deposit - early order discount, if applicable.


Your quarter pig will come with at least 40 lbs of delicious pork.

  • Deposit & Pricing

    The unit price is a nonrefundable DEPOSIT on the animal.


    The final cost due to Home Sweet Honey is based upon a per-pound-hanging-weight charge less the DEPOSIT. 

  • Shipping

    Shipping is NOT AVAILABLE for pasture-raised meats.


    Quarter pork boxes include free delivery within 25 miles of Elk River, MN.