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A small family farm with a vision

Our family moved to the Honey Hill Farm in summer 2013 to pursue the dream of operating a small farm to serve our friends in central Minnesota.


Wholesome agriculture & foods

We treat our animals and our farm with respect.  We do not use pesticides and use only organic medications when required.


Hand-crafted recipes from our kitchen

Once you've tried local honey, you'll never go back!  Our honey and our other products are truly amazing.


We believe in natural agricultural practices. We do not spray our garden or orchard with pesticides, and we do not provide any hormones to our bees.  We also use only organic treatments on a colony-by-colony basis, according to need.  Our honey is natural and raw.

Our animals are fed a natural diet, free from growth hormones and non-essential antibiotics.  We believe in giving our animals space--space to roam and space to engage in their natural behaviors.  Because our animals have a good diet, fresh air, and socialization, they are VERY healthy.


We believe in treating animals ethically--happy animals produce healthy foods.

We enjoy farming and love the lifestyle.  At any time, our customers are welcome to come out and see what we have going on.


Our food speaks for itself!

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