Local raw honey and unique flavored honeys,

produced and crafted by family farmers

Local Raw Honey

We offer wholesome local honey in its native amber liquid form—just like your grandparents enjoyed.  We have also created a palette of flavored honeys—some conventional, some creative—that make enjoying healthy honey a fresh and fun experience.  Shown below is just a small sampling of our available flavors.

Our Process

As a product of the farm, our local honey is jarred on-site and is ready for use.

All our flavored honeys are produced under active food handler licenses,

issued by the State of Minnesota.  Please visit our license page for details!

Our Prices

We are able to work with retailers under both wholesale and consignment arrangements, and can provide specific terms and details upon request. 

Bulk and volume pricing are available.

Your Next Steps

Please explore our website and then

contact us to discuss stocking Home Sweet Honey at your business!

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