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Pasture-raised Turkey (deposit)

Pasture-raised Turkey (deposit)


A home-grown turkey, raised on healthy pasture and fed a wholesome diet. This turkey really brings your holiday experience to the next level!   


Please see the additional info sections for information on pricing and processing.

  • Deposit & Pricing

    The unit price is a nonrefundable DEPOSIT on the animal.


    The total cost due to Home Sweet Honey is based upon a per-weight-pound charge of $4.25.  Most turkeys have a dressed weight of about 20 lbs. 

  • Processing

    • We offer processing as a FREE SERVICE to our customers.  
    • You are purchasing a live turkey from Home Sweet Honey.  
    • You may choose pick up your turkey live, fresh dressed, or smoked.  
    • Please indicate how you would like your turkey to be processed.


    Each turkey will average about 25 lbs live weight, and 20 lbs if you choose to take advantage of our offer of free processing.

  • Shipping

    Shipping is NOT AVAILABLE for pasture-raised meats.


    Customers may pick up their turkey LIVE from the farm, or from the butcher.

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