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Pasture-raised beef

In partnership with Trott Brook Farm - Ramsey, MN

We are excited to offer pasture-raised beef for sale during the 2023 season.  Beef can be purchased in quarter, half, or whole cow units.

This beef is raised locally by our friends at Trott Brook Farms; they share our high ethical standards for the treatment of animals.  Their cows are allowed to graze on pasture and are provided safe and clean shelter.  Their diet of grass and hay is supplemented with wholesome grains so that the beef is both flavorful and well-marbled.

Scroll down to learn more!


We have several cows available for the 2023 season.  When you're ready, scroll down and select your unit of beef!

Every order requires a deposit.  After your beef is ready, you will pay the remaining farmer payment to Home Sweet Honey.  The farmer payment is based upon hanging weight.  


Cows will go to butcher in August 2023 and December 2023.  We anticipate using Petty Brothers Meats in Annandale, MN.


While we are unable to guarantee you a specific animal, each cow is specifically bred and raised for quality meat.

What can I expect to bring home?


Petty Brothers will work with you to customize your beef order.  You'll have a wide variety of options for your steaks, roasts, ground beef, and other products.

Processing costs are also based upon hanging weight, and are about $1 per pound (with hamburger patties at an additional cost).  Petty Brothers will provide you with updated costs when your beef is ready for processing.

The butcher payment is paid by you directly to Petty Brothers Meats.



Petty Brothers will contact you when your beef is ready.  When you pick-up, you will pay the butcher payment directly to Petty Brothers Meats.


We will also contact you to finalize the remaining amount due for the farmer payment.  We offer a wide variety of payment methods, including cash, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo. 

Your final cost will be about $6.50 per pound for this amazing beef!

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